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Dr. Ezza Rafedziawati Kamal Rafedzi









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Web site



Academic Position

Senior Lecturer


Qualification and Granting Institution

  • PhD in Library Science (UM)
  • MSc in Information Management (UiTM)
  • BSc in Records Managament (UiTM)


Current Academic Responsibility

Coordination Course for Planning and Design of Records and Archival Repository


Previous Responsibilities

  • Coordinator Course for  IMR505/601, IMR455, IMR556
  • Coordinator Course for IMD254 (Foundation of Records Management), IMD301 (Introduction to
  • Cataloguing), IMD354 (Records Centre Management)
  • Coordinator, Faculty of Information Management, UiTM Kelantan (2002-2004)
  • Pegawai Disiplin, UiTM Kelantan
  • Pegawai Pembangunan Pelajar, UiTM Kelantan
  • Pegawai Kehormat Kesatria


Teaching and Research Interest

  • Planning and Design of Records and Archival Repository
  • Oral History
  • Archive administration
  • Juvenile delinquents
  • Information needs
  • Information seeking behavior
  • Prison library
  • Field research
  • Paranormal research


Research & Grants

·         Geran penyelidikan LESTARI (2016)
(2 projects)
Penyelidikan Paranormal (Media Prima)



(Index or Non Index)

·         Journal

Yu, H., Rafedzi, E.R.K., Abdullah, Siti Nurul Maryam & Abrizah, A. (2016).  Reinforcing information  

            literacy development through a subject-focused resource-based project. Journal of Librarianship  

            and Information Science, 48 (4), 1 – 13.


Rafedzi, E. R. K., Abrizah, A.  Halida Yu (2016). The challenges in making library services

          accessible to incarcerated male juveniles in five correctional schools.  Malaysian Journal of Library

          & Information Science, 21 (2),  95  - 110


Rafedzi, E. R. K., Abrizah, A. & Yu, H. (2015). Peranan perpustakaan penjara dalam

pembentukan sahsiah pesalah juvana. Jurnal PPM : Journal of Malaysian Librarians, 9, 61-78.


Rafedzi, E.R. K.  &  Abrizah, A. (2014). Information needs of male juvenile delinquents : the

needs to be met in a prison setting. Information Development. Retrieved from


Rafedzi, E.R. K., Abrizah, A. & Nur Khairunnisha Zainal (2013). Kajian etnografi tingkah laku

maklumat pesalah juvna lelaki di Malaysia. Informika, 2, 55 – 68.



Rafedzi, E. R. K., Abrizah, A. & Yu, H. (2012). An ethnographic study of male juvenile

delinquents’ information behavior in Malaysia : A work in progress. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Seminar (QQML), Limerick, Ireland, 22 – 25 May 2012.


Rafedzi, E. R. K. & Abrizah, A. (2014). The library for the incarcerated male juveniles : An

observation of five correctional schools. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society (ICoLIS 2014), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4 – 5 November 2014.



Ezza Rafedziawati Kamal Rafedzi ( 2009). Foundation of Records Management. Shah Alam, Selangor  : Institut Perkembangan Pendidikan (InED), UiTM.




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