Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Information Content Management - IM249

{tab Programme Details}

This programme focuses on the management of information content and information management systems within an organisation. The curriculum is designed with the emphasis on improving the content management skills in the field of information management, specifically to enable students to work on the true value of the information content and maximising the value for business use and organisational interests.

Entry Requirement

Fulfill the General Requirement of the University and any other Special Requirement of the Programme.

  • STPM Pass Grade C (NGMP 2.00) in any three (3) subjects including General Studies/Papers; and Pass SPM/ Equivalent with Credit in Bahasa Malaysia and English and Pass Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics
  • Diploma of information Management / other Diploma from UiTMor from other institution recognized by Malaysian government
  • MUET Level 2

Mode Duration
Full time:  2 years - 3 years

Further information, please contact:
Head, Center of Studies Information Content Management
Tel: 03-79622021
Fax: 03-79622007

{tab Course Outline}

Semester 1

  • IMC402 Foundation of Information Management
  • IMC406 Information and Library Skills (Library Skills)
  • IMC410 Principle of Information Systems for Information Professional
  • IMC420 Corporate Communication for Information Professional
  • IMC430 Information Entrepreneur
  • UiTM Requirement
  • Co-Curriculum 1
  • Islamic and South-East Asian Civilization 1

Semester 2

  • ICM450 Electronic Publishing
  • ICM460 Web Design and Content Management
  • IMS457 Multimedia for Information Professionals
  • Faculty core
  • IMC451 Organization of Information
  • UiTM Requirement
  • Co-curriculum II
  • CTU555 Islamic and South-East Asian Civilization 2
  • MGT400 Introduction to Management

Semester 3

  • ICM451 Information Architecture
  • ICM452 Object Oriented Programming
  • ICM453 Database Application for Content Management
  • Elective / Minor 1
    UiTM Requirement
  • Co-curriculum III
  • ELC501 English for Critical Academic Reading
  • ENT530 Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • TAC401 Third Language 1

Semester 4

  • ICM560 Digital Asset and Media Management
  • ICM561 Web Archiving
  • ICM562 Web Authoring for Content Management
  • Elective / Minor 2
  • Elective / Minor 3
    UiTM Requirement
  • EWC661 English for Report Writing
  • TAC451 Third Language 2

Semester 5

  • ICM660 Data Exchange and Metadata Management
  • ICM661 Mobile Application and Content Development
  • ICM662 Information Security Management
  • ICM663 Web Content Search and Retrieval
  • Elective / Minor 4

Faculty core

  • IMC651 Research Methods for Information Works

UiTM Requirement

  • EET699 English Exit Test
  • EWC663 English for Meeting and Discussion
  • TAC501 Third Language 3

Semester 6

  • ICM664 E-Commerce
  • IMS556 Information Systems Interaction and Consultation

Faculty core

  • IMC690 Industrial Training

{tab Job Opportunities}

Graduates will have the opportunity to work in any organisation as

  • Information Content Manager
  • Web Archivist
  • Digital Content Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Web Content Manager
  • Mobile Applications Developer