Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Records Management - IM246

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This programme covers the many facets of managing records and archives in organisation. Students are exposed with principles and techniques of managing active and inactive records and archival materials. Students are also prepared for preservation of archival materials and archival management of electronic records. This program also emphasizes on the usage and application of information technology in building records system. The program also focused on the management of the different categories of records such as management of legal, medical, engineering, business, manuscript, Islamic information and architectural records. This programme offers the opportunity to study in depth specific topics relating to records and archival management through the subject of independent study.

Entry Requirement
Fulfill the General Requirement of the University and any other Special Requirement of the Programme.

  • CGPA minimum 2.30 in STPM / Equivalent with Gred C (NGMP 2.00) in three (3) subjects including General Studies/Papers; or
  • CGPA minimum  2.30 in pre courses UiTM/ PASUM/ Matriculation in three (3) subjects with Gred C (NGMP 2.00); or
  • CGPA minumum 2.30 in Diploma of information Management or other related Diploma from UiTM; or
  • CGPA minimum 2.00 in Diploma of Information Management or other related Diploma from UiTM with one (1) year of working experience in related field; or
  • CGPA minimum 3.00 in related Diploma from other institution recognized by Malaysian government; or
  • CGPA minimum 2.75 for Diploma in the same field from other institution recognized by the Malaysian Goverment with two (2) years of working experience in related field

    and pass SPM/ Equivalent with Credit in Bahasa Malaysia and English and pass Mathematics/Additional Mathematics including MUET Level 2

Mode Duration
Full time  :  2 years - 3 years
Part time  :  4 years - 5 years 

Further information, please contact:
Head, Center of Studies Records Management
Tel: 03-79622231
Fax: 03-79622007

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Courses Curriculum
IM246 Courses (pdf) IM246 Curriculum Detail (pdf)


{tab Job Opportunities}

Graduates will have the opportunity to work as:

  • Archivists
  • Automation Archivists
  • Photograph and Film Archivists
  • Records Managers
  • Manuscripts Curators
  • Document Controller
  • Document Analyst
  • Record Consultant