Fisip Ideas Matter (FIM) is an event hosted by Faculty of Social And Politics (FISIP),University Airlangga anually.It is an open essay competition which joined by national students across the host-country,Indonesia.What’s interesting about this competition is the themes that FIM has offered to its participant along with numerous challenging and glorious subthemes.For this year,FIM 5.0’s theme is “Millenial Challenges in Digital Era: Striving Creativity, Pursuing Innovation and Necessity of Action”. The subthemes for this year’s FIM are :

  • Digital Security: War Against Digital Terrorism and Digital Crime
  • Youth and Media: How Youth Perceives Hoax, Hate Speech and Provocative Content in Digital Media
  • Innovation and Ingenuity Ideas Trade: When Creativity Evolved into Solutions
  • Digital Creativity Economy: the New Driving Force of Business Growth and Youth Opportunity
  • E-Politics as the New Emerging Power of Youth Political Participation
  • Digital Literacy for an Increase of Literacy Number: the Question of Digital Equity
  • Digital Education Policies around the World: Practices Comparison
  • The Relevancy of Medical Ethics in Digital Era


Special for the fifth year-row competition, they take a greater way by making this competition open for international undergraduate students around the world. Three students from Faculty of Information Management took this opportunity and participated in the competition.Those students are Mohd Irfan bin Ismail,Hassan Ali bin Mustamum & Muhammad Adry bin Mohd Rizal which their papers are about Digital Security Issue : What Happen And What Should We Do, Millenial Youth : Way Of Living and E-Politics : Politics of Tomorrow respectively.Proudly,one of the students,Mohd Irfan received an award for 2nd Judge’s Favourite for his excellent performance during the competition.