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1 Phone +603-79622206 
2 Email nizamyunus @
3 Web site
4 Academic Position Senior Lecturer 
5 Qualification and Granting Institution
  • - MSc (Leicester),
  • - BSc Info Studies (UiTM)
6 Current Academic Responsibility  Lecturer, Academic Advisor, Resource Person, Internal Auditor, Exam Committee Member
7 Previous Responsibilities

Chairman of The Exam Committee

Industrial Training Coordinator 

8 Teaching and Research Interest
  • Records Management
  • Disaster Management for Documents, Records and Archives
  • Museum Information Management
  • Currently doing my PhD Research in the area of disaster management on information materials

Working Experience

 Worked in various field including NGO, public and private sector
10 Courses Attended  
11 Research  
12 Proceedings  

Irwan Kamaruddin Bin Abd Kadir(dr), Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, "Labu Sayong Pulau Tiga : Asal Usul Dan Warisan Melalui Kaedah Sejarah Lisan", ,Persatuan Sejarah Lisan Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia dan Universiti Teknologi MARA,Satun

Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, Kamarul Azwan Bin Azman, Azman Bin Mat Isa (dr), Aliza Binti Ismail (hajah) (dr), "Disaster Readiness of Records in Organizations", ,Faculty of Information Management, UiTM,Shah Alam, Selangor

Adnan Bin Jamaludin (prof. Dr.), Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, "Muzium Sebagai Pusat Pengurusan Ilmu ", ,Universiti Teknologi MARA Pahang,Swiss Garden Resort and Spa Kuantan Pahang

13 Publications Journal

Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus,Noramira Anis Shukor (1st Author), Impact Of Text Messaging On Literacy Skills Among Information Management Students In Higher Learning Institution, Research Hub, Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, pageno : 41, vol : 2,issues : 1

Kamarul Azwan Bin Azman, Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, Hanis Diyana Binti Kamarudin,, "Development Of Knowledge In Records Management By Using Bibliometric Analysis On Records Management Journal", Journal Of Information And Knowledge Management, Faculty of Information Management, UiTM, page no : 1-18, vol : 3,issues : 2



Irwan Kamaruddin Bin Abd Kadir(dr), Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, Nurussobah Bt Hussin (dr), Ahmad Zam Hariro Bin Samsudin (dr.), Saiful Farik Bin Mat Yatin (dr), Alwi Bin Mohd Yunus,,"Proceedings of National Seminar on Management of Corporate Memory : Key Challenges, Issues and Trends", UPENA

General Publications

Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, Jannatul Iza Binti Ahmad Kamal, Kamarul Azwan Bin Azman,  Repackaging Information In Museums, Tinta, Faculty of Information Management, UiTM, pageno : 157, vol : 25,issues : 1

Siti Noorsiah Binti Jamaludin, Razifah Binti Othman, Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus,, "Preserving Malaysian Cultural Heritage From Information Management Perspective", Tinta, Faculty of Information Management UiTM, page no : 95-108, vol : 24,issues : 12015

Azmi Bin Ab Rahman, Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus,, "Information Institution Review : Perpustakaan Wakaf MAIS", FIM Communication. Faculty of Information Management, UiTM,page no :45-49

Mohd Nizam Bin Yunus, Husain bin Hashim, Kamarul Azwan bin Azman, Jafalizan bin Md Jali, “Effective Communication Skills For Information Professionals”,  FIM Communication.  Faculty of Information Management, UiTM, page no 39-41

The price of greatness is responsibility.
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The price of greatness is responsibility
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