IM 110 - Diploma in Information Management

Programme Details
The programme aims to fulfil the needs for the information and knowledge workers who play a vital role in the information industries. The graduates are educated to gain knowledge on information literacy, information handling, information communication and technology applications to carry out the success of vision 2020, the government has realized the importance of information and knowledge as the lifeblood of the information society to improve the quality of life, economy and working environment such as better decision making, without information and knowledge as a resource it will cause all of their affairs vulnerable to disruption, hence our country has been transformed from the industrial age to the information age, the proof is the progress of the mega project on Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) to support the information industries, whereby Cyberjaya has been chosen as the place for the smart city to support the industries. Therefore, our main plan is to equip the graduates with knowledge on information management to accomplish the government aspire towards vision 2050.