In response to the global vision's call for transformation in the world of research and innovation, the Faculty of Information Management, Puncak Perdana Campus, has taken the initiative to organize an international innovation and invention competition in conjunction with our 5th International Conference of Information Science (ICIS2022). The Virtual Poster Competition (ICISvpc2022) is a competition of virtual poster presentation aiming for sharing of fresh innovations, inventions, and designs of knowledge, research findings, new technologies, and practices in Information and Library Science such as information governance, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT), libraries and librarianship, knowledge management, records management, archives administration, digital humanities and preservation to be at pace with the development and advancement of technology in this digital era.

The program will be conducted in virtual platforms where innovation and invention as well as designs competitions through video presentations. The physical display, in which the winning posters are scheduled to fill the 'knowledge wonder' paths placed in the halls of the ICIS2022 Conference Venue, would mark visibility and promote knowledge in a compact package. The competition aims for the participants that motivated to demonstrate passion of the following themes

THEME 1: Innovations of Information Sciences: Discovery of Knowledge

This is where your ideas and interpretations of data sciences put to the test! Enter your innovations that can contribute to the continuity of information and knowledge success

THEME 2: Inventions of Information Sciences: Humanities technology usage

Capture the devices or process that can steer the information specialist and expertise to wonder. Participate your original inventions of processes, devices, equations, formulas or anything else that have that game changing element

THEME 3: Designs of Information Sciences: Products and Physical Outputs

Tell us your plan, we will listen! Contribute wonders and spectacles of knowledge by introducing your outputs and products designed for informative, forward thinking technology and show of your skills

Implementing such contests is desirable to support the main platform of exposure for researchers, students, university partners and industry for the long-term viability and sustainability of ideas and inventions displayed in accordance with the program's topic.

Come and join us!!